Substance Abuse and Learning Disabilities

Studies have shown that there is a significant link between learning disabilities and substance abuse. Educators of children and adolescents with learning disabilities are encouraged to consider this in their education. Additionally, counselors, teachers, and parents of teens or young adults who have developed substance abuse issues are encouraged to consider this link and discuss learning disabilities with their children.

Does Your Child, Teen, or Young Adult Have a Learning Disability?

There is a possibility that the child, teen, or young adult in your life has a learning disability and he or she doesn’t even know it. Over 10.8 million children in America experience learning disabilities and behavioral disorders. If your child is struggling in school or if your teen has a substance abuse issue, consider talking to them and having them see a counselor to diagnose their learning disability.

Substance Abuse Issues

If your teen or young adult has issues with substance abuse, it’s very important that you encourage him or her to get the help that he or she needs. Substance abuse issues can be very serious, particularly if one is under 21. The brain is not even fully developed until age 25 so any drinking or drug use from minors can do serious damage. If you suspect your child has drinking or drug problems, it’s important that you have a conversation with her. – The Recovery Village – Alcoholics Anonymous – National Institute on Drug Abuse – The American Society of Addiction Medicine