Learning Disabilities Blogs

There are a ton of resources online for those who have learning disabilities or those who are interested in learning disabilites. If you are interested in reading more about these disabilities, have a look at these blogs:

Dyslexia/Dysgraphia Blogs

Dyslexia Victoria – Information about dyslexia

Dyslexia My Life – The author of the book “Dyslexia My Life” corresponds with readers

Luqman´s Dyslexia Blog – A blog about the difficulties associated with tutoring dyslexic children

Happy Dyslexic – Understanding dyslexia and helping dyslexic children

The Dee Zone – Excellent guide about dysgraphia


ADDitude Blog – This blog covers of ages of childhood ADHD

ADD-Me Blog! – First person experiences of living with ADHD and other people´s misconceptions

ADHD Resource Blog – This blog is written by the mother of a teenage son with ADHD

Disability Support Services – Help for all types of disability with extensive articles written about ADHD achievers

Parent Squad – General help and advice for all parents with extensive database on ADHD issues

General Learning Disability Help

Babies Online – This blogs has a comprehensive article database in which you will find help and guidance if you suspect your child of developing a learning difficulty

Crip Chronicles – A disability strategist comments on news items associated with disability learning

Disability News Worldwide – All disabilities covered in this blog of news items from around the world

Eide Neurolearning – Weekly articles related to brain-based solving and overcoming learning problems

Equity News – Commenting on educational developments for disability with ethnic minorities

Minnow Speaks – Navigating the educational system when you have children with special needs

Big Universe Learning – Advice and thoughtful comment from parents, teachers and special education professionals

Nina´s Reading Blog – Reviews of books concerning children with learning disabilities

Overcoming Learning Disabilities – Help for parents of those who can see symptoms without knowing the cause, with details of educational therapy and a helpful free newsletter

Parenting Teens – Interesting facts and statistics relating to teenagers with learning disabilities

Reading Rockets – Assistance for helping children with learning disabilities to read

Special Needs Families – Personal experiences from a number of contributors with details of how to survive in a learning disability environment

The LD Blog – Commentary and resources concerning behavior management and learning disabilities

The Shut-Down Learner – Quizzes to help you discover if your child is a  “Shut Down Learner”

The Wrightslaw Way – Information about special education rights and advocacy

Try Therapy – Designed for therapists, mental health counselors, and personal health educators